Ship ventilation system

According to the characteristics of mechanical ventilation and natural ventilation, many large and medium-sized ships adopt a combination of the two ventilation methods. Small ships use natural ventilation for air circulation.
Ventilation method
Ship ventilation systems are divided into two types: mechanical ventilation and natural ventilation.
system composition

  1. Mechanical ventilation consists of axial fans, ventilation ducts, and air distributors.
  2. Natural ventilation mainly utilizes the openings (doors, windows, hatches, ventilation buckets) of the ship itself and natural ventilation ducts.
    mechanical ventilation
    Mechanical ventilation is divided into mechanical exhaust and mechanical supply. Mechanical ventilation is not affected by external natural conditions, can manually adjust the ventilation volume, and can reasonably distribute and deliver air to designated locations.
    natural ventilation
    The natural ventilation system has a simple structure, low cost, and convenient maintenance, but it is greatly affected by external wind speed, direction, temperature, and weather conditions, so its working state is very unstable.