Safety operating procedures for centrifugal fans

1、 Basic definition of centrifugal fans

A centrifugal fan is a device that can generate a comfortable and hygienic amount of air flow. The operation of centrifugal fans can effectively improve indoor air cleanliness, maintain air humidity, temperature, and oxygen concentration within an appropriate range. It is one of the essential equipment for various industrial and civil buildings.

2、 The basic structure and usage requirements of centrifugal fans

(1) Basic structure

A centrifugal fan mainly consists of a motor, impeller, transition section, and casing.

(2) Usage requirements

1. Before using the centrifugal fan, a comprehensive inspection should be conducted to confirm that the motor, relay, switch, cable, etc. are securely installed, have good heat dissipation, and there is no damage that affects the working performance. Especially for cables, it should be noted that they have reached their maximum service life.

2. Before each startup, check whether the impeller rotates flexibly and whether there are any abnormal noises in various parts. If excessive rotational resistance or noise is found in the impeller, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.

3. Familiarize oneself with the rated working voltage of centrifugal fans, and prohibit the use of voltages greater than or less than the rated value to ensure the functional safety of motors and relays.

4. Unauthorized modification or installation of the casing or body of the centrifugal fan is prohibited to avoid affecting the internal structure of the centrifugal fan.

5. It is prohibited to privately repair or repair centrifugal fans under any circumstances, and it is also prohibited to use belts or other materials to scratch or cut the internal components or belts of centrifugal fans.

6. Overloading work is prohibited to prevent damage to the motor or the occurrence of unexpected situations. 7. When cleaning the dust on the outer surface of the casing, it is prohibited to use dangerous cleaning agents such as paint thinner and convenient bread bags to avoid damaging the paint film on the surface of the casing.

3、 Safety operating procedures for centrifugal fans

1. Unauthorized disassembly of the casing and body of the centrifugal fan is prohibited to avoid affecting safe use.

If disassembly is necessary, the manufacturer’s technical personnel should be notified to come and disassemble.

2. It is prohibited to continue operating the centrifugal fan when abnormal noise, foreign objects such as impeller stones are stuck, etc. are found. The fan should be stopped immediately for inspection, and the fault should be eliminated before starting up and running.

3. It is prohibited to use power supplies with voltage greater than or less than the rated voltage to avoid affecting the normal operation of the motor or causing safety hazards such as short circuits.

4. Before any cleaning and maintenance operations, it is necessary to cut off the power and ground the remaining electrical components of the device. The downloader should ensure that there is no watermark to avoid electric shock and other personal injuries.

5. When using a centrifugal fan, please ensure that the relevant employees are dressed neatly, and their long hair should be tied up in a timely manner to prevent it from being sucked into the machine body and causing safety accidents.

6. It is prohibited to use high-temperature, flammable, and other hazardous liquids for cleaning and maintenance to avoid damage to the equipment.

7. When operating the centrifugal fan, please wear labor protection equipment that meets the work requirements, such as masks, gloves, protective goggles, etc., and ensure the safety performance of the operators.

8. When maintaining the equipment, please note that the high-voltage components such as the motor and relay of the centrifugal fan are exposed. It is essential to follow the safety operating procedures to ensure personal safety.

9. When using a centrifugal fan for operation, attention should be paid to the normal state of the equipment at all times, and any abnormalities or malfunctions should be reported in a timely manner.

10. It is prohibited to inject flammable materials such as cotton wool and paper scraps into the interior of the centrifugal fan to avoid safety accidents.

4、 Malfunctions and Handling of Centrifugal Ventilators

(1) Fault 1: No movement after starting the centrifugal fan

Solution 1: Check if the device has power. If the power supply is normal and the motor is normal, check if there is a problem with the starting circuit.

(2) Fault 2: The centrifugal fan emits abnormal noise or severe vibration during the startup process. Solution 2: Please immediately shut down the equipment, determine the cause of the fault, and take corresponding measures.

(3) Fault 3: The casing temperature of the centrifugal fan is too high

Solution 3: Generally speaking, the shell temperature of the centrifugal fan should be evenly distributed. If there is a concentrated heating situation, please check whether the equipment is overloaded or there is an internal fault in the body.

(4) Fault 4: Unstable operation of centrifugal fan, thickening of motor sound, etc

Solution 4: It is generally caused by excessive dirt and oil stains inside the body. It is recommended to clean the equipment and add lubricating oil appropriately.

5、 Conclusion

After a detailed explanation of the basic definition, usage requirements, and safety operating procedures of centrifugal fans, I believe everyone has a clearer understanding of centrifugal fans. Before carrying out any operation, safety should be kept in mind to avoid unnecessary safety accidents.